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Negri Lame: more than fifty year promoting quality and precision

Negri Lame has a leading position in the Italian market as one of the most important players in the production of circular cutting tools that find application in a multiplicity of sectors, such as paper processing, paper mills, label production, packaging materials, flexible materials, plastic films and aluminium foil, non-woven fabric, flexible abrasives.

Founded in 1961, Negri Lame is a solid, family-owned industrial reality. An all-Italian success story, the fruit of the experience and entrepreneurial vision of its founder, Agostino Negri, still at the helm of the company today, together with the second and third generations, pursuing every opportunity with passion and determination, and fully in keeping with the principles of tradition and innovation. A continuity in management that is appreciated by the market and, over the years, has led to the development of long-lasting relationships of trust with customers.

“People first” is the guiding principle that inspires the company in its choices and translates, day after day, into a highly respectful attitude towards company employees, and into high standards of credibility, integrity and correctness in the company’s dealings with customers and suppliers.

By combining the expertise and unique competences acquired in years of experience in the sector, Negri Lame is able to propose high quality solutions, both standard and customised, all of them arising from an incessant search for the best materials and increasingly advanced manufacturing techniques, designed to meet the needs of demanding customers most effectively. The strength of the company also lies in its extreme production flexibility, which enables it to supply customised pieces, even in very small production runs.

The incessant growth of the company is the fruit of an intelligent investment plan and a sales policy designed to strengthen the company’s presence abroad. Already operating in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine and Russia, in fact, the company aims to further expand its business in mature markets and accelerate its growth in the emerging markets.