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The Production Process: Know-How, Quality and Innovation

Today Negri Lame can boast great expertise in the production of circular cutting tools, which it makes available to its customers as a wide and diversified offer of high quality products and services. From upper and lower blades for scissor cutting or pressure cutting, to cutting units and pneumatic knife holders, the company manufactures and markets about 180,000 products a year, both in Italy and abroad. In particular, with its cutting units, Negri Lame supplies its products to the main OEM machinery manufacturers present on the market.

A result arising from the passion and attention that the company devotes on a daily basis to the continuous improvement of its production processes: from the selection of raw materials guaranteed and certified by the best Italian and international steel mills to a range of heat treatments, conducted internally and externally, to obtain the hardness values requested for optimal knife efficiency. Rounding off the process, continual quality checks are performed during each and every processing stage, from the conformity of the cutting tools to the appropriateness of packaging and shipment modalities.

Another important aspect is the company’s capacity to introduce innovative developments with high added value for the customer, as borne out by the superfinishing process performed, by means of internal machinery, on the plane surface of the knifes, which effectively reduces the dust generated when cutting through a material.